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Day to day repair jobs. In addition to DOT testing, wreck & leak repair, we also provide Seneca Tank Exclusive "Mud flap to Manhole" guarantee. When it comes to tank trucks Seneca Tank has it covered. Manufacturing and servicing tank trucks is our passion.


For urgent service please call 800.362.2910


Seneca Tank has the capabilities to complete all of the inspections listed. Call the service department today at 800-362-2910 to plan a DOT testing schedule.


What is a changeover?

A changeover is when we remove the tank body from an existing chassis and mount it to a different new or used chassis. Changeovers vary in complexity based on the unit and the work needed. We offer a variety of services including tank testing, air emergency valve conversions, electronic register conversions, complete equipment overhaul, etc.


Why is Seneca Tank the best choice for changeover work?

Seneca Tank prides itself in being an industry leader in changeovers. With over 30 years of experience our staff is dedicated to providing top notch service from start to finish. A change over can be as simple as removing the tank and mounting on to a new chassis to a full overhaul of the tank and equipment, Seneca Tank is the best.


What are the benefits of doing a changeover compared to a trade-in?

As a truck get older the costs of maintenance rises significantly, however the tank body can stay in the field a while longer. Our changeover program makes the most out of your initial investment. You will get the same professional service you have come to expect from Seneca Tank, while also giving new life to your old tank with a fresh chassis. We also offer a variety of services including tank testing, air emergency valve conversions, electronic register conversions, complete equipment install, etc, to insure that the tank of yesterday meets your needs of today. Seneca Tank has new chassis in stock and can also order custom chassis built to your spec. If you choose to provide your own chassis, we are happy to work with your dealer to make sure it arrives on time and the correct layout for your tank.


How long does the process take?

Time to completion can vary between jobs based on complexity of your unit, work you are wanting done, and the equipment availability. Please call 800-362-2910 for our next available slot and an estimate of the time and cost to complete the work.


Seneca Tank's hydraulic and PTO service is the best in the business. Whether you are in the refined fuel business or any other industry, we are the system specialists. Power take-offs, hydraulic work and full wet kit instillation is right in our wheel house. We equip all our manufactured tank trucks with hydraulic systems or power take-offs, along with tractor and chassis retrofits, and a full parts warehouse if you are in need of a part or want to install a system yourself.




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Service shop
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